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Denta-Med™ Denture Adhesive Gel 50mL tube, boxed

Item # 9300

Barcode 0793591310824

Denta-Med Denture Adhesive Gel uses natural Sclerotium gum that is a naturally derived polysaccharide polymer.

Denta-Med™ Denture Adhesive Gel secures ALL day, and over time contracts, maintaining a firm seal between the mucosa and the denture, preventing food debris entering and interfering with the fit.

Denta-Med™ Denture Adhesive Gel does not contain PVM/MA copolymer or Zinc and is easy to clean off with water

Denta-Med Denture Adhesive - 50mL

  • DIRECTIONS: Clean & dry both the denture and mouth before using. Apply Denta-Med Denture Adhesive Gel to your dentures by squeezing three thin, short lines of Gel at the front and on both sides inside the denture, not too close to the edge.

    Use less for partial dentures. Bite down when you have the denture in place to maximise a firm hold. To prevent the nozzle from clogging; replace cap tightly after each use.

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Australian Made 

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