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Denta-Med™ Moisturising Mouthwash leaves the whole mouth with a smooth, calming and hydrating mouth feel

Moisture Enriched with ALL Natural Malic Acid

pH Balanced  and Alcohol FREE

Proudly Made in Australia

Directions: Rinse the mouth with 15mL - 30mL (1 - 2 caps) of Denta-Med™ Moisturising Mouthwash. Use up to 3 times per day. Do not swallow. Spit out after use. For best results, use Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel for your COMPLETE everyday oral hygiene routine. Use Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel as a toothpaste replacement for dry and sensitive mouths (contains fluoride) FREE from SLS, alcohol, sugar, gluten, nut, egg, dairy and Xylitol


Denta-Med Moisturising Mouthwash 500mL