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Our Product
  • Denta-Med Gel Conditions

  • Denta-Med contains naturally moisturising glycerol, for a more comfortable mouth day and night

Our Product
  • Denta-Med uses cleansers especially selected to help maintain and support extra sensitive mucosal tissues

  • Long lasting hydrating formulation

Our Product
  • Denta-Med Gel Soothes the mouth and gums

  • Denta-Med is pH balanced

  • Supports extra sensitive mucosal tissues

Our Product
  • Denta-Med Cleans

  • Zinc Chloride helps to neutralise odour and stains

  • Uses gentle cleansers

  • Pleasant and well tolerated flavour

Our Product
  • Denta-Med Protects

  • Our product helps to defend the teeth, reducing bacterial adhesion

  • Fluoride strengthens teeth and helps to protect from decay.

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Australian Made 

Denta-Med DRY MOUTH Oral Hygiene products, developed by an Australian dentist. Especially for the aging population and for individuals that, because of their health, age, or treatments need a more soothing gum nurturing formulation for their routine oral hygiene.


Developed for
• People with special oral health and hygiene needs
• Soothing, hydrating, advanced oral care
• Sensitive gums, dry mouth and with dental prosthesis



"Denta-Med is the best product for dry mouth. I have tried every mouthwash and toothpaste and nothing is as good as Denta-Med"

After applying the Denta-Med gel, I was amazed at the almost immediate benefit. I cannot thank you enough.”

Mrs. Anderson - Fremantle

AM. D - West Leederville

LOVE, Love, Love this product Denta-Med. Absolute revolution in oral care for our Residents who depend on care staff to keep their mouth clean, moist, and healthy.”

Residential Care Clinical Manager - Vic



Our Address

New Zealand Distributor

Perla Supplies Ltd

11/49 Sainsbury Road,

Mt Albert, Auckland, 1025

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9 AM – 5 PM

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Australian Made 

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