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Since using Denta-Med Gel ” I now can sleep all night without waking up with a dry mouth and having to drink water and then I have to go the toilet.” 

I have many comments about how they like the taste of Denta-Med.

One of my patients said to me.” This product has changed my life as I can now enjoy eating again”.

Denta Med Gel leaves the mouth moist and clean, “We can visibly see clients appreciate the cooling gel and soft feel

even though they may no longer be communicating.”

I was given a sample of Denta - Med Gel to try and haven't looked back. I love this product. My dentist can't believe how great my mouth hygiene is after using this product for about 3 years,  just recently I tried Denta-Med Dry Mouth Oral Hygiene spray . I keep it in my bag during the day when I'm out and about. I can't speak highly enough of these products best of all these products are Australian made

Denta Med Australia
dry mouth gel

Denta-Med Gel is by far superior to any other I’ve tried. Your product is such a relief because it’s gentle, pleasant, comforting and actually does the job better than any other. It’s also an actual pleasure to use which I do more often than I’ve ever done and, to make it even better, is the fact it’s Australian made and owned which I’m delighted with because I try to buy only products and food that are."

I would recommend Denta-Med products to any person to protect their tooth enamel and oral hygiene in general, especially if suffering from dry mouth.

For as long as I can remember I was always aloof, shy, quiet and avoided getting close to anyone. This was a result of a bad metallic taste in my mouth (I am now in my 60's). Sad to say that bad breath created who I was and I did not like it !! A few years ago I discovered Denta-Med Gel on the internet. I started using it and after a short period of time the bad taste disappeared and it has changed my personality. I found myself starting to talk to people without hesitating and even getting up close to them without holding my breath until I turned away. I have become more outgoing and much happier within myself. Thank you for this wonderful life changing gel. 

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Australian Made 

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Same Trusted Formulation


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